Living in Him Alone

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Published March 19th, 2017

Encouragement is a hard thing to tackle, but what if there was a way to break it down? Encouragement just becomes simpler when looked at through the lenses of faith. Read Cheerleaders

Spiritually Congested

Published March 12th, 2017

Congestion. It happens in life, but have you ever thought about it occurring in your faith? They say be filed with joy, but how can I be if I’ve caught a faith cold? Here, I leave you four tips on how to begin healing. Read Spiritually Congested


Published February 11th, 2017

In our society independence is rivaled in, encouraged, and in a twisted way praised. While possessing independence is a crucial skill in life, it holds the potential to be harmful in one particular area of your life. Read Depend

Green Pastures

Published February 3rd, 2017

Can you envision a season of green pastures, wandering by still, flowing waters, and feeling completely restored within your soul? While this sounds perfect, it does not just happen by chance. God says to encounter this place, we have to get quiet. Read Green Pastures

The Amazing Race

Published January 21st, 2017

Directions are a huge part of life, but especially in faith. In the scavenger hunt, are you expecting God to reveal something grand to you, without actively seeking Him? Overall, this behavior is dangerous because it could be keeping you from uncovering the mystery in The Amazing Race that is life. Read The Amazing Race

The Valley

Published January 13th, 2017

The Valley. Many of us think when we are standing in the thick of it, “there’s not a very clear view from here and I wish I could just see more.” We wish our view was clearer and we ask God why it isn’t. We lose focus and ultimately hope. We believe there is nothing to see here, when there is everything to see here. Read The Valley