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No Bones About It

Published August 10th, 2017

Maintaining faith throughout life is a slippery slope, but knowing specifically the kind of faith God calls us to maintain is crucial. God calls us His children, no bones about it, but with that calling comes childlike responsibilities. Read No Bones About It


Published July 29th, 2017

We were designed to let God fill our hearts, but sometimes we chase other things: relationships, jobs, school, boyfriends/girlfriends, sports. But when we are running on empty, we need to do as we are designed to do: allow God to refill our empty hearts. Read Fill

All at Once

Published July 19th, 2017

Sometimes, we just aren’t ready. We don’t feel like we have all the necessary tools in our toolboxes or our ducks in the proper row. We have so many doubts clouding our judgement and making us believe that we are unable to do what we have to do. We doubt ourselves and ultimately God. Read All at Once

God's World

Published July 2nd, 2017

In faith, we get to feeling stuck in the rut, feeling distant, feeling as though God is stagnant or absent, and being unsure of what to do next. This obvious silence and distance is often what turns people from Jesus, but we must persevere and remember that we live on God’s timing in God’s world. Read God's World


Published May 8th, 2017

Moms. They do so much for us and I believe it is time that you let them know how you truly feel, appreciating them for who they are, and who they have helped you to become. Read Mothers

Control Freak

Published March 26th, 2017

Plans. We all have them and we all desire to be in control of them; however, this can be detrimental to ourselves and to our faith. How, you ask? It’s simply because trust is lacked in the Lord and in this post, I discuss how we can gain trust in God’s plans. Read Control Freak