Living in Him Alone


“One post at a time.”

God's Calling, My Mission

By God’s calling, I am drawn to write. With an honest and open faith, I share a compilation of stories, observations, and lessons He has taught me with the world, one post at a time. One post at a time, I hope I can show you how empowering and liberating pursuing a relationship with God can truly be. One post at a time, I long to inspire you to go deeper with God and grow in your relationship with Him. One post at a time, I desire to prove that we are one body living united, one group bearing a single mission, while holding on firmly to one hope. One post at a time, I walk through life with the Lord, and share the good news for all to read. I am living in His word, living in His grace, living in His love, and living in Him, alone.
Ephesians 4:15-16